He’s Just Not That Into You (Part Two)

Girls, take notes!

Lipsticks, Leggings & Lattes


He’s Just NOT that into you…

  1. If he claims to really want to talk but insists on you texting him first. Chances are he’s already got a girl, and he’s trying to cover his tracks.
  2. If he doesn’t want to be in a committed relationship with you. No matter the bogus excuse. A guy can claim to have some awful commitment issues because of this horrible girl who broke his heart. But truth is, if a guy wants to be with a girl no small feat like being “committed” will stop him. When a guy says he has a “problem with intimacy” what he really means is he has a “problem with intimacy with you”.
  3. If he doesn’t want to marry you. This may seem extreme because there are lots of men out there that just don’t believe in marriage, but they totally want to be committed. And there are…

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