Turkey Minestrone

With my current health issues I am now not allowed to eat beef or anything that resembles beef.  Normally, minestrone is made with ground beef (which is absolutely delicious) but I decided to make this soup with ground turkey.

I am a absolute southern girl, with that being said I shop at Publix so this was a BOGO (buy one get one) deal.  You don’t have to add anything to this mix except for 8 cups of water (I add a little extra because the noodles absorb it) but being the over achiever that I am I add extra things.  Add a little salt and olive oil to the water to help the water boil a little faster.  Once the water has come to a roaring boil you add the soup mix.

While the water is boiling go ahead and brown either the ground turkey or the ground beef that way it is ready to be put into the the soup when ready. If you use ground beef then be sure to drain the grease and pat all of the grease out of the meat.

About 8 minutes after the minestrone is cooking go ahead and add this pasta (you don’t have to add this specific type of pasta, I only bought it because I thought the stars were adorable).  Let it keep simmering on about medium heat until the carrots are nice and soft and easy to eat.

To help make the soup last longer I went ahead and made some garlic bread, I am a cheese lover so I add extra cheese while they are baking.

This is the perfect type of meal to have when it becomes freezing cold outside.  I keep these sorts of soups on hand in my pantry when it becomes chilly outside.  This brand makes about 5-7 different types of soups that all you do is add some water and let them cook.  My boyfriend and I love them when the cold weather comes.


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