70 Cheap or FREE date ideas


Valentines Day is coming up, have you thought of a great date to take your man on?  Well you’re in luck because I have come up with some great ideas for you and the love of your life.

  1. Picnic – You can either do this in your living room, a place with a pretty view or in an interesting place (first place you met)
  2. Teach each other skills – How to play an instrument etc.
  3. Go to a free community event – There are usually free activities going on, give one a try!
  4. Have a movie night with a theme – Challenge each other to bring the worst movie, the best musical etc.
  5. If you have snow, play in it.
  6. Make a special dinner
  7. Have a culturally-themed date where you serve traditional food and learn about another culture and the way they celebrate or date!  Add in a movie that takes place in that specific country, or a documentary about the culture.
  8. Go to the bookstore.
  9. Go stargazing in the backyard or at a local conservatory.
  10. Have a Wii tournament.
  11. Have a movie night with one basic theme – Nacho Night: eating fancy nachos and watch Nacho Libre.
  12. Go Ice Blocking – slide down big hills on a large block of ice (bring towels to lay on the ice or your bum will get very cold!)
  13. Mystery date – Put three or four ideas for dinner, activities and dessert in unmarked envelopes and pick one at random each time you finish with the last task.
  14. Go for a walk or ride bikes.
  15. Make T-shirts – Get cheap, plain white tees from the store and decorate them with sharpies or paint.  Stencils are helpful or you can just wing it.
  16. Go to thrift stores and pick out an outfit for the other person, with $5 budget each.
  17. Make ice cream sculptures out of cheap, very frozen ice cream.  Add toppings for details and then eat them after you show off your creations.
  18. Rent a tandem bicycle, segways or a paddle boat and get outdoors.
  19. Take a dance class together.
  20. Make a blanket fort
  21. Go swimming or hot-tubbing.
  22. Go pick fruit in season at a local farm or orchard.
  23. Go see a local band or musician, or open-mic night.
  24. Visit  a factory in your area and take a tour.  Usually these include free samples.
  25. Go to costco, BJ’s, or Sam’s and have some samples, and buy $1.50 dinners.
  26. Go miniature golfing or to batting cages.
  27. Go roller skating on disco night at your local rink.  See who can do the best tricks by the end of the night.
  28. Go to the mountains or camp indoors, roast marshmallows and make banana boats.
  29. Play poker with peanuts, candy or cheap, fun items from the dollar store.
  30. Stay at home and play table tennis or go bowling.
  31. Go people watching at a crowded place.
  32. Visit antique shops and compete to find the funniest, rarest or oldest items.
  33. Buy flowers or balloons and give them to people on the street who look like they need cheering up.
  34. Race tin-foil boats in a stream or river.
  35. Finger paint together, try to create a masterpiece.
  36. Bake and decorate sugar cookies.
  37. Go to open houses and talk about your dream home.
  38. Do a puzzle.
  39. Go to the zoo or a petting zoo.
  40. Play ultimate frisbee or frisbee golf.
  41. Have a fondue night.
  42. Watch stand-up comedy specials together.
  43. Do touristy things – in the city you live in.
  44. Go fishing and cook your catch for dinner.
  45. Volunteer at a festival together, you do something good and get in for free!
  46. Go get pedicures together at a cosmetology school.
  47. Attend a book or poetry reading at your library.
  48. Dress up in your fanciest clothes and order dessert at a nice restaurant..
  49. Go to an art gallery, museum or exhibit in town.  Many of them have a local or student discount.
  50. Take your dog for a walk.
  51. Build something with legos.
  52. Make bucket lists together.
  53. Go to McDonald’s for dinner, then to the arcade.
  54. Feed the ducks at the park.
  55. Carve something out of a giant block of cheese.
  56. Support local teams.
  57. Go to a free movie screening at the library.
  58. Take an art class together.
  59. Make Valentines Day cards for each other.
  60. Go ice skating.
  61. Play darts at a local dive.
  62. Go see a play or show at a theater in your area, or even a high school.
  63. Learn how to love each other.
  64. Set a movie night up like a movie theater, complete with VIP curtain, movie theater candy, popcorn, and Italian sodas.
  65. TV show marathon.
  66. Go to the shooting range.
  67. Go to a drive-in movie.
  68. Test drive super nice cars.
  69. Go to an ice-cream or chocolate store and see what you can taste-test.
  70. Buy several brands of one food or drink, cover up the labels and have a blind tasting contest.

These are great ideas for Valentine’s Day or just a regular old day that you want to make your man feel special.